A bit about me...




My name is Ben Laine-Toner (hence the BLT), and I've been a photographer for over 25 years. I've focused......really...no pun intended.....on a number of areas photographically since I started, and these have been the things that have stuck with me in my work.

First and foremost, I have always loved to photograph people. Whether it's formal portraiture, or capturing those natural and intimate moments when my subject is unawares. I endeavour to not only try and capture an essence of the individual in the image, but I also want to create images that make them look great. 

I did a photography degree in the 1990's in Sunderland, and (like most people), ended up working in a discipline unrelated to the degree that I had done. I work as a business analyst at Prophecy Unlimited (a CRM Marketing Agency), but thankfully I still get to use my photographic skills on a regular basis as a part of my day job. I am the un/official agency photographer; responsible for all of the portraiture and documenting of company events. Examples of these works can be found in Portraits and The Agency, which is why they hold the copyright on a number of the images.


My people photography kind of falls into three main areas:

Firstly, formal portraits, where my subject and I have the sole aim of creating a photographic portrait. With these images it's about making a connection with my subject and capturing a part of who they are within the image.  Whether it's for a head shot to be used for promotion, or something initiated by myself because I just want to photograph that person, the aim is to get just one fantastic portrait.

Secondly, family portraiture. After the birth of my daughter over 8 years ago, the largest documentary project of my life started, as did my take on what makes for good family portraiture. I tend to focus on a more natural approach; in the park or round the dinner table, I believe that family portraiture should be as un-staged as possible. 

Third and finally, event photography; which is kind of a combination of the two. It's partly about capturing those candid moments, but it's also the more fun images where people are aware that they are being photographed and 'play to the camera'.


My personal work

I have a number of ongoing  projects, which you can see on the work page.

Night photography - my main project that I have been working on for the last couple of year.

Lyme Regis - I have an on going project photographing the areas around Lyme, with a focus on The Cobb. We usually holiday in Lyme once a year.

Stuff - the remainder of my personal work falls under the decidedly loose term of 'stuff'. I love angles, and geometry, and it's these things that I tend to focus on. I just photograph stuff that catches my eye. Whether photographed with my proper camera or my phone for Instagram.